Calhoun County Committee On Aging 


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Our Governor's "STAY AT HOME" Order is in place.

A summary of the Order is on our CORONAVIRUS UPDATES page.

Coronavirus Information 
is rapidly evolving;
we will post the current
recommendations  and bulletins
 with updates as new information is issued.

If you are interested in

 any of our various services

for yourself, friend or family member,

please call us at  (304) 354-7017

or email us at 

to find out more and how we may be of service.

We look forward to hearing from you!

                            Main Office:


                       105 Market Street

                       Post Office Box 619

                       Grantsville, West Virginia  26147


                       Phone:  304.354.7017

                       Facsimile:  304.354.6859



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