Calhoun County Committee On Aging 


                                                       Proudly Serving Calhoun County Since 1973





About Us

Calhoun County Committee On Aging, Inc.

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 It is our mission to provide the highest quality services to the seniors of Calhoun County and to be advocates for the well-being and welfare of our current and future senior population.  We consider it an honor and privilege to serve our community.


Board of Directors


Roger Jarvis, President


Pam Gainer, Vice-President


Dottie Rader, Secretary

Janet Gherke, Treasurer


Dorothy McCauley


Launa Butler


Patti Hicks


Martha Haymaker






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Grantsville Center


105 Market Street

Grantsville, West Virginia 26147


Phone: 304.354.7017


Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm

Monday through Friday



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West Fork Center

121 Milo Road

Minnora, WV 25268 


Phone:  304.655.8805


Hours:  9:00am - 2:00pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday






In The Course Of A Year, 

We Will: 


Deliver Over 18,250 Meals

 Serve Over 5,000 Meals In Our

 Grantsville Center Dining Hall

Provide Over 12,000 Hours of

Personal Care Through

Our Medicaid and Waiver Programs


Provide Over 7,500 Hours of

Personal Care Through

Our Lighthouse Program


Provide Over 1,900 Hours of

In-Home Respite for Alzheimers

Care Providers (FAIR Program)


Provide Over 4,425 Hours of

 Client Support


Provide Over 1,500

Homemaker Hours


Provide Over 1,300 Hours of

 Information and Assistance




Much More!


(Please See Our "Services and Programs" WebPage For More Information)



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Rick Poling, Executive Director



Opal Harris, In-Home Services Coordinator


Betty Staats, In-Home Services Supervisor


Jackie Blankenship, In-Home Case Manager

Samantha Poling, Projects Coordinator, Bookkeeper


 Maricia Mlynek, Administrative Assistant

Ellen Shock, Head Cook



Anetia Rose, Assistant Cook

Dot Curry, Substitute Cook

Marty Park, West Fork Coordinator



Brenda Ackley, Medicare Counselor



Mitch Morgan, Driver

David Weaver, Maintenance and Driver

In- Home Personal Care Providers:


In-Home Personal Care:


Amanda Moneypenny


Elizabeth Nicholson

Garnet Husk

Hollie Smith

Jessica Bell


Kathryn Holbert 

Kelly Hanes

Linda Fivecoait

Linda Peggs

Nickie Nida

Marissa Godfrey

Megan Contreras

Pam Frederick

Sabrina Whytsell


Sandra Harris

Shelba Talhammer

Shelly Lynch

Sheri Honaker


Shonda Moore

Taylor Garrett