Calhoun County Committee On Aging 


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The Christmas Gift Play by the Minnora CCCOA 

Seated:  Diane Arcuri, Ford Wilson, Karen Badgett, Clara Roberts, Larry Cottrell, Randy Wilson

Standing:  Marlene McCumbers, Debbie Vreeland, Diane Bernier, Jessie Hickman, Marty Park, Inga Brewster, Gae Bailey, Sherry Wade, Sharon Knotts

December Birthdays!

Jim Myers, Steve White,  Denise Rexroad, Evelyn McCormick, Duane Poling, Clarice Whytsell, Vier Hall

 Seated: Jean Miller, Mary Nichols


Girl Scout Troop #8205 giving to the CCCOA Mitten Tree

CCCOA's Christmas Float

November Birthdays!

Melva Stull, Mary Umstead,Virginia Swart, and  Rick Poling

Our Veterans Dinner

World War II Veterans: Glen Fowler, Von Yoak, Charlie Duskey, Donald Kelley, Odus Miller

Korean War Veterans:

 Frank Wolfram, Roy Pursley, Harold Craddock, Eugene Allen, Edgar Weekly

Vietnam / Peacetime Veterans: 

First row: Starling Holbert, Jim Mullenax, Tom Fluharty, Bob Stalnaker, Jim Welch, Steve White, Steve Miller, Vier Hall, Denzil Burrows, Frank Wolfram

Second row: Dan Uplinger, Steve Radabaugh, Donald Walker, Larry Craddock, Joe Marks, Mike Yoak, Roger Jarvis, Jim Yoak, Robert Fivecoait, Bill Stevens

Operation: "Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!"

Partners in Planning Thanksgiving Dinner:


Pastor Corps Officer, Lt. Mechelle Henry,  Melinda Johnson (Salvation Army Co-Chairperson Thanksgiving & Christmas Committee), Rick Poling (CCCOA Executive Director), and Pastor Corps Officer Lt. Erik Henry

Happy Halloween

October Birthdays!

Larry Cottrell 

Ruth Poorman 

CCCOA Minnora's Bowling Trip

Hawk's Nest Trip

September Birthdays!

Diane Bernier

Carol Burkhamer, Pearl Johnson, and Charlie Duskey

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions Class

Standing: Edna Whipkey, Irene Conrad, Cindy McCartney, Sharon Sampson, Willadene Poling, Barb Roberts, Duane Poling, Alta Mae Richards, Madeline Lamp, Jean Boggs, Carroll McCauley, Dorothy McCauley, Mary Nichols

Seated: Mae Kendall, Virgie Tallhammer, Mary Poirier, Lenn Phillips, Patty Little

Kneeling:  Michelle Toman, Mandy Foutty, Janet Heiney

CCCOA Sunglasses Champions

Madeline Lamp

Jean Boggs

Jim Hardman

CCCOA Minnora's Rug Making Class

Winners at the Labor Day Picnic

Egg Relay Winners:

Jean Boggs and Alta Mae Richards

Card Toss Winners:

Donald Kelley

Card Toss Winners:

Patty Little

Cornhole WInners:

Rose Wilt and Ruth Poorman

Cotton Ball Game Winners:

Jean Boggs and Patty Little

Ball Toss Winners:

French Stump and Alta Mae Richards

August Birthdays!

Donald Kelley, Geneva Groves

Thelma Hall, French Stump, Patty Little

CCCOA Minnora's Bowling Trip

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions Class

July Birthdays!

Rose Pursley, Freda Tuttle

Dorothy McCauley, Dorothy Lynch, Cindy Cottrell

June Birthdays!

Roscoe McCune, Inga Brewster, Maybyn Deweese

Fumiko Welch, Gerry Wallace

JoAnn Dawson, Jean Boggs, Mary Louise Smith, Mabyn Deweese, Jim McCormick  

Summer Spectacular Winner: Day 1

Jim Bennett






Summer Spectacular Winner: Day 3

Donnie Hughs Prize being accepted by Jim McCormick





Summer Spectacular Winner: Day 4

Kenny Dawson Prize being accepted by Margaret Kirby





Summer Spectacular Winner: Day 5

Ron Chesser

Summer Spectacular Winner: Day 7

Kathy Morris

May Birthdays!

Madeline Lamp, Jim Welch, Violet Williams, Sharon Sampson





Visitors at the West Fork Site

Left of Table: Karen Badgett, Sue Cottrell, Inga Brewster

Right of Table: Sharon Knotts, Jessie Hickman, Larry Cottrell, Linda Badgett, Diane Arcuri





Dancing at the West Fork

Front: Dian Arcuri, Berdine Wayne, Linda Badgett, Karen Badgett

Back: Larry Cottrell, Karen Ellison, Inga Brewster





April Birthdays!

Barb Roberts, Ova Bragg

Jim Wilt, Karen Yoak, Roy Pursley, Lenn Phillips, Haymond Conrad

Crazy Hat Day Winners

Fumiko Welch, Mary Poirier, Freida Tuttle, Sharon Sampson





 Bowling Trip

Debbie Vreeland, Jessie Hickman, Gae Bailey,

Wendy Taylor, Sharon Knotts, Ford Wilson, Larry Cottrell, Sue Cottrell, Sherry Wade, Jill Metz, Marty Park, Bill Webb





March Birthdays!

Inez Car, Sally Hashman

Rose Wilt, Dorothy Dye, Eva Marks, Leona Heiney

Winners of the Annual Talent Show

Dorothy McCauley, Jim McCormick, and Mary Umstead






Judges of the Annual Talent Show

Jim Sullivan, Helen Morris, and Helen Johnson







Winner of the Quilt Raffle

Ruth Poorman accepts quilt for her daughter Nancy Whipkey. 







Big Bingo Winner!

Ova Bragg, winner of the "Big Bingo" $25 Foodland Card 










Birthdays at the CCCOA!

Orma Connard 88 years old and Leona Heiney 90 years old






Line-Dancing at the CCCOA!





February  Birthdays!

JoAnn Shock, Wanda Carpenter, Virginia Starcher

Jason Nettles, Carol Kanalley, Jim Mullenax, Glen Fowler

John Elliot







2012 Valentine Sweethearts

Leona Heiney and Gary Bancroft








January Birthdays!

Doris Moss, Mary Poirier, Kenneth Harris








December Birthdays!

Jean Miller, Mary Nichols

  Evelyn McCormick, Duane Poling, Jim Myers